Saturday, October 6, 2007

Seven Springs Ski Resort

Seven Springs Ski resort is much more than just a ski resort it's more of an all around resort. Seven Springs Resort has all the activities you would expect from a resort, you can fish golf or even hike the beautiful terrain in the summer, and of course ski, snowboard or even go tubing in the winter. There are a Nice selection of bars restaurants and shops at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

Seven Springs Resort is located at 777 Water Wheel Dr Champion,PA. Here are the mapquest directions.

There are several festivals throughout the year including autumnfest which runs through October. Seven Springs Resort also books some great bands.

There are a several different lodging options at Seven Springs Ski Resort from chalets and cabins, to the recently renovated hotel.

Seven Springs Ski Resort has a total of 47 runs the longest being "lost Boy" at about 7000 feet, and a total of 14 lifts.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort has something for everyone. Next vacation you book think about Seven Springs

Seven Springs Mountain Resort can be magical

Seven Springs Ski Resort can be a magical place. Maybe I am partial being from western PA, but there is something in the air at Seven Springs Resort. If you have been in the Rocky Mountains or in Vegas you should have an idea of what I mean. I am sure there are other places that have this magic in the air, but for me Seven Springs Mountain Resort is the closest.

A friend of mine had a cabin just down the road in Donegal, just off of route 31 a few minutes from the turnpike exit. So I was lucky enough to be able to go Seven Springs whenever I felt like it and stay for free.

A few years back my friend with the cabin and I dated girls who were good friends. We would spend weekends at the Seven Springs Resort and go back to the cabin to crash. I was pretty young about 20, but they were some of the best times of my life. Something about the air, the sky, the whole vibe of the area like I said was just magical. Something about being there just made the world seem right.

It has been some time since I was twenty, ten years actually. The cabin is gone on to a loving new owner. The girl I guess I should say lady has moved on to bigger and better things, but I still have Seven Springs. I will always have fond memories of the times spent at the cabin and Seven Spring Ski Resort with that wonderful brown eyed girl.

Even though they may be my fondest memories of Seven Springs they are definitely not the only ones. You see Seven Springs Resort is far from just a ski resort. I don’t even ski.

Seven Springs Resort has activities going on year round. There are various festivals concerts and other activities for just about any interest. They have tubing an alpine slide and a few decent bars and restaurants.

Seven springs Ski Resort can be romantic. Seven springs can be a fun family getaway. Seven Springs Resort can be magical.

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